Strong Pottery

by Naked Days

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The last album recorded at the original Why Beach Studios & also the first album recorded at my grandmas... bringing it back down to basics.


released May 28, 2016

Naked Days is:

Degnan Smith - guitar, music, & lyrics
John Huggins - violin
Alistair Morgan - cello
Amanda Schiano di Cola - trumpet & percussion
Birds - thx birds

album art by Barbara Smith

produced by Degnan Smith


For old friends lost & new love found



all rights reserved


Naked Days Leesburg, Virginia

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Track Name: Grass Lands
laying replacements around the borders of our lives
searching for a way to avoid
answering the questions that i'm constantly asking myself
or will the reason find my throat

i was a radio tower
and you were a static signal
as the air cleared it brought flowers
though i still felt like winter

hoping the static would sound enough like a fire to keep me warm

under the radio tower
we have trashed all the flowers
they are rootless and broken
and i still feel like winter

hoping the flowers will burn long enough to keep me warm
Track Name: Strong Pottery
well who's to say
where i've been / where i'll be in 4 weeks
& in time
i'll sink into myself again
Track Name: 003758 (#s) [pt 2]
the night you left i ordered in
i told myself i wasn't hungry

and i'm sorry
cause i ate anyways
and i'm sorry
that i was hungry

little by little light
maybe my insides aren't what they used to be
you worry for my liver
there are more important things
Track Name: 80 Better (Die Soon)
ah so it seems
to be a human feels and stays the same

ah so it seems
i've felt again
softer than the last time
a prettier color
Track Name: NC Song 2
two crows
on a slow decay
they don't leave the fence
and it's been a while since
really anything has made sense

and i'm sorry
that sometimes
i can be so distant

and i can see the reflection of your hands
your strong, pretty hands
molding my mind again
and giving me hope
that maybe we won't end up like most